Welcome to Lorelei's Attic

About Us

For a certain breed of gals- Some things you just feel in your soul;

The need to live by the water and feel salt air on your face.

Summer isn’t a season- it’s a state of mind.

Sundays are for snuggles.

Furry, four-legged, children make everything wonderful.

Days are better spent laughing.

Road Trips retain the best stories. And secrets.

Champagne and cake are a food group.

Music is only good when it’s loud.

When nothing else makes sense- turn to the moon and stars to find your footing.

Life is too short to show up wearing boring clothes.

In the spring of 2015, after almost 20 years serving in the hospitality industry, I found myself as a non-stop Special Events Director. While giving a tour to a potential client, I had an epiphany of sorts. The couple had stopped to enjoy the oceans’ backdrop- and I realized I saw the Atlantic Ocean, in all her majesty, every single day. Yet my feet hadn’t touched sand in almost a year. I sighed and smiled and wandered back to my office. But later that night while preparing displays, I was led to the attic for supplies. However, the moment I opened that little door, a door I must have been in and out of a thousand times, something was different. This time when I stepped into the attic I didn’t see junk or boxes or cobwebs, I saw a potential space to start a new career that would give meaning to my days and maybe a little sand between my toes.

Lorelei’s Attic-the forever dream of owning my own store-was born with the love of beautiful fabrics, textures and prints. I have always had a passion for clothing that makes you feel good about yourself. Yet, comfortable enough, to allow you freedom to enjoy your surroundings.

We are a small, eclectic, online boutique (Yes, operating from an attic) aimed at bringing you fun, free-spirited clothing. Our Merchandise is hand-picked with the hopes that it will adapt and span many generations. But we also carry pieces that will be versatile enough to take you from Sunday Brunch, to a bonfire on the beach. I am so excited for this new adventure.

Thank you for joining me!

Lorelei Bensen